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23 7 / 2014



Who It Is: dæphne - Family Vacation; Self-Released (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Whirr, Nothing, Carissa’s Wierd


But what is emo, anyway? A philosophy? A genre? An exclusive Internet clique? Sometimes, it’s all three and more, but for the sake of talking about Boston, Massachusetts quintet dæphne, this reviewer is going to postulate that emo is a combination of song structure and tone. Emo songs have peaks and valleys; they are a mix of cathartic high points and the building-to and retreating-from these climaxes. And, in general, emo is, for financial or aesthetic reasons, mixed like punk. Guitars are loud and distorted. Voices crack. Drummers struggle to be heard.

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holy crap new album out in a week heres a single off it

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16 4 / 2014

That was cool, that was like a threesome— in a way.

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The last thing I saw before I died


The last thing I saw before I died

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Toby and Jareth, Labyrinth 1986


Toby and Jareth, Labyrinth 1986

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I love natural history museums. I get super nerdy about animals and plants and bones and all kinds of things you find hidden away or displayed behind glass cases and in those roll-away shelves.

It’s staggering how much money is put into maintaining natural history collections: the American Museum…

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Sweet Bunnies =^ω^= (via)

Life is hard. Here’s some fluffy buns.

omg baby

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